Our Mission

———————-Beginning of campaign platform——————–


                                                 ———————–End of Campaign platform——————–

Well hey there, Pios!

Thanks for reading this! If you’re not a Pioneer, I also want to thank you for reading this. Just the knowledge that you care about a better DU is very comforting.

You may have noticed that we have nothing written in our campaign platform.

First of all, great critical reading skills. They will certainly serve you well during the rest of your academic and professional endeavors.

So WHY don’t we have a campaign platform?

Well, the answer is quite simple: We’re running on the U Platform.

What is the U Platform?

Well, Brian and I are no politicians — Brian is from a small town north of Seattle and I’m just a kid from Rough-Raleigh, North Carolina (arguably the greatest state of all time).

We’re not coming into the office with big ideas of how to change things from the top down, we’re coming in with a blank slate.

We want to hear what YOU care about, and prioritize our time and our efforts to achieve those goals.

We would love for you to share with us what you actually care about.

Also, feel free to stop us in campus and say:

“Hey, extremely handsome man, can I talk to you about some stuff?”

We’ll probably play it cool and pretend like we didn’t hear you, but you can know deep down that you almost had an effect on your university.

But seriously, we’re counting on you to help us figure out how to best serve our University.

Let’s start the dialogue now, and continue it for the next year to come.

Let’s put yo[U] back in DU.

Go Pios.