About Us

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Drew Harrilchak | USG President Candidate

When I was a child, I was visited by the Ghost of George Washington Carver. He came to me in a dream and said, “Drew, you are destined to be the President of the University of Denver in 2017.” Well folks, when the man who invented peanut butter comes to you in a dream and tells you to run for office 10 years in advance, you don’t ask questions. I invite you to join me on this journey. I also really enjoy early 2000’s rom-coms.


Brian Norris | USG Vice President  Candidate

After totally finding myself while studying abroad I have come back to DU with one mission: make it better. Drew and I are committed to making DU better for everyone. With a plethora of ice cream studies and over 600 hours of BBC documentaries under my belt I am confident you will not find a more qualified candidate for USG VP, from the greater Puget Sound area.